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The StaffordMall invites and welcomes contributions on any and all Stafford-related subjects from owners and fanciers around the world. Please email Terry or Carolyn Stewart.

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Stafford Food

Teeth marks in the metal food/water bowl.

There are a lot of dog food companies out there. Here are a few links to their web sites. Also you might want to search for raw diets for dogs. Your choice.

Balance Diet
Canine Caviar
Dog Chow
Eagle Pack
Eukanuba Dog Food
Friskies Cat Food
Hill's Science Diet
Iams Dog Food
Nature's Recipe
Pro Plan
Puppy Chow
Ralston Purina
Regal Pet Foods

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or BARF Diet

Myths about raw feeding

BARF World

Metal bowl with puncture from a tooth.

A stainless steel bowl for food or water with teeth marks from Stafford puppies.  The circle with the arrow is pointing to a spot where a tooth went through the metal. Don't use ceramic crocks; Staffords will pick them up and slam back down breaking the crock.  Don't use the hard plastic bowls because your Stafford will play with those just like a Nyla bone causing sharp ridges of plastic on the edges which cut their gums and your hands.  Only use the stainless steel. They won't break and you only get sharp edges when their teeth puncture the metal bowl. Little buggers.