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Rugar's Semen Collection Analysis

Hello all:

Just received the final official report back from ICSB (International Canine Semen Bank) on the collection of Warmaster Go N Straight (Rugar's) semen, on October 27, 2007.

BREED: Staffordshire Bull Terrier


AKC REGISTERED NAME: Warmaster Go N Straight

Owned/Co-owned by: Carolyn Stewart and Steve Stone

Address of owner/co-owner: Castro Valley, CA 94546

Telephone Number: 510-581-7491

Pellets/Vials collected 10-27-2007: 11

Normal semen collection - 4 vials

Rugar's collection was 11 vials.

Normal sperm donor (canine) mortility - 40-50%. They test to see how many sperm come back to life after being thawed out after being frozen.

Rugar's has a 98% motility.

Canine Semen Evaluation Form

Owner: Carolyn Stewart / Steve Stone
Address: Castro Valley, CA 94546
Telephone: 510-581-7491

Dog's Registered Name: Warmaster Go N Straight
Registration Number: RM309512/01
Registry: AKC
Color: Brindle
Date of Birth: 7-19-99 Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Semen analysis:

Clinician: Bridgett Higginbotham, RVT

Date of Collection: 10-28-07 Total Volume: 7.3ml

Color: White Viscosity 1 Percent Motility: 98% Progressive Motility 5
Sperm count/ml - 181 Mil per ml Total Count - 1321 Billion

Total normal sperm cells - 1308 Billion


total abnormal - 1% Total normal: 99%

Abnormalities seen: 1% coiled tails

Cellular Debris: light Libido: Good

Testes size and tone: Normal

So we have eleven (11) vials of frozen semen in the bank and ready to go. One vial is for one breeding and if the insemination is done by a knowledgeable veterinarian then the female will be having a nice litter of puppies.

If anyone is interested in using his sperm please contact Warmaster Go N Straight's owners, Carolyn Stewart and/or co-owner Steve Stone. There is paperwork that must be completed at least three days before the requested shipping date. This is three (3) business days.

Good communication is vital between the bitches owner, the veterinarian, testing the bitch to determine exactly when she is ready, the notification to the semen bank for shipping, and paperwork that must be signed transferring the ownership of the semen to the bitches owner(s).

Carolyn Stewart
Phone: 510-581-7491

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