Cowboy Portos Rugar Hondo Kyra Grace Pearl Pittunia Tuffy

Little pup Crystal

Little puppy Crystal out of Tuffy's first litter.

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Owners Corner

A word about breeders

Responsible Breeders = Sound Pups

Purchasing a puppy is not like purchasing a car or a home. A car dealership or a real estate agent will sell you anything as long as you have the money. Responsible and ethical breeders, however, do their utmost to insure their puppies go to good homes, and remain a part of the family for the rest of their lives.

Responsible breeders come in all sizes, from the small hobby breeder - those that have an occasional litter, to the large professional breeder - those that produce several litters a year. Although a breeder who breeds too many puppies may be breeding irresponsibly, some of the best breeders - the ones who consistently produce excellent puppies, many show champions, and are very knowledgeable - breed several litters a year. Some of the worst breeders - as far as the quality of their puppies and knowledge of the breed - breed infrequently and haphazardly with no long term goals or breeding plan.

The ethics of any breeder is not measured by the quantity of puppies they produce. They are instead, judged by their honesty and integrity when it comes to representing their puppies to perspective new owners.

How does one find an ethical breeder? Breeder referrals come from many sources. From friends, associates, breed clubs, veterinarians - from the classified sections of newspapers, magazines, and even the internet. Ultimately, the buyer must rely upon their common sense, lots of research and preparation before considering a dog of any breed.