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Barzaks Wild Won

Barzaks Wild Won (Wild Boy x Conquerors Tessas Eve).

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Breeders Corner

The Breeders Forum


This section of "The Stafford Exchange" is dedicated to past, present and future Stafford breeders. The optimistic future of this breed lies within the hard won kernels of knowledge that Stafford breeders share with their Stafford brethren. Every breeder has learned important facts over the years and has collected anecdotal information which will benefit the fancy at large. Whether it is a new scientific breakthrough or a dusty and "ancient" article focusing on breeding the best dogs, consider including it on this forum. For those of you who continually breed great ones year in and year out, decade after decade, the greatest legacy you can leave the breed is to share with your fellow breeders those things which you did that worked and those things you tried that did not. It is the future of your breed, help ensure that the Stafford remains a great breed for generations to come through posting articles of interest on the difficult job of breeding good Staffords.

Craig Harrington

Forum 1 - Quo Vadis, Mrs. Stafford? (by Steve Stone)

Forum 2 - What's wrong with a contract? (by Carolyn Stewart)

Forum 3 - Larger-Than-Standard Bitches. (by Steve Stone)

Forum 4 - Reasons to Breed. (by Sarah Hemstock)

Forum 5 - A Stafford in every home? (by Lynn Heimbuch)

Forum 6 - So you want to get a Stafford? (by Craig Harrington)

Carolyn holding puppy.

Carolyn holding one of our puppies (photo by Steve Eltinge).
This photo from his book "The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in America."